Sports Injuries and Getting to Know You

Around five years ago I was at work having lunch with the running club. They were totally obsessed and told me all the reasons why I should take up running and what it could do for me, before moaning about their ruined knees and hips. Oooh, tempting. Years later, I’m now the weirdo in running gear; […]

What’s the Squeeze on Compression Clothes?

Compression clothes are becoming increasingly popular amongst sporty types but are they putting pressure on anything more than your purse? Many roller derby skaters are trading in their fishnets and leggings for high-tech kit, so there must be something behind all the hype – but at prices ranging from £40 to £120, is compression gear actually […]

How to Survive a Roller Derby Injury

Roller derby demands both physical and emotional dedication, so when you’re on a roll, an injury can feel like the end of the world. For many skaters, particularly newbies, it’s often the point when you access your skating career: is roller derby worth the pain? Sadly, many skaters leave following their first injury. Roller derby […]

Fresh Meat 2013 – How to be a Roller Derby Girl

Everyone has a different reason for joining roller derby. Even though I had never, ever skated before something possessed me to buy a pair of roller boots and try it out. I was so embarrassed at not being able to stand up on wheels that I practiced privately, keeping it hidden from my friends for a […]